Relation Between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Does It Match With University Values

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Agatha Septianna Ratnasari
Antonny Wijaya
Prisca Yeniyati


Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Values, Quality Measurement


The purpose of this research is to analyze the relation between service quality and customer satisfaction wuthin  Musi Charitas Catholic University. The result of this study will help management to improve service quality and satisfaction among the students and hopefully all variables will also fit and match   with university values i.e. CHAMPION. 300  questionnairs were distributed to the students from 4 faculties using convenience sampling technique, but only 214 questionnairs available to be processed.  The result shows that Service Quality 61,6% significantly have positive impact related to customer   satisfaction, and the rest of it 38,4% related with other factors.

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