Analysis of The Influence of the Growth of Modern Mini-markets on The Sustainability of small Retailer Store Businesses - Case Study in Tamalate District, Makassar City

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Rasyid Kamase
Bartolomeus Tandiayu
Beauty Gosal
Ferdinandus Sampe


Makassar, mini-market, retailer, sustainability


This research aims are to analyze the impact of modern minimarket on the business of other grocery stores at Tamalate district, Makassar city and to analyze the change of small retailer store since the existence of modern minimarket. This research object is 40 retailer store at Tamalate district that are located near to a minimarket. Data was obtained from trade and industry Office Makassar and questionnaires provided for small retailer owner. The collected data were analyzed descriptively and prior to validity and reliability test and finally hypotheses test. The research result showed that 36,90% minimarket growth affected the survival existence of retail stores and the other 63,10% is affected by other variable. The result of hypothesis test or t test showed the affected growth of minimarket has negative influence and significant to the survival existence of the retailer store. It is suggested that the Makassar City Government should limit new branch opening of minimarket for small retailer sustainability. 

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