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JManagER is a journal published by the Management Study Program, Universitas Atma Jaya Makassar. JManagER aims to improve the scientific quality and channel the interest in sharing and disseminating knowledge to academics, students, practitioners, and observers of science in the field of management, e-business and entrepreneurship.

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Vol 3 No 2 (2024): Journal of Management, E-Business & Entrepreneurship Research

Published: 2024-03-22

Entrepreneurial Development and Sustainability of Pharmaceutical Retail firms in Abuja, Nigeria

Henry Ojukwu, Michael Ikenna Anyika, Ejike Daniel Chukwuma
Abstract 20 | pdf Downloads 15

Page 1-9

Legal Aspects Analysis of Start-Up Entrepreneurship Using Social Media

Kristian NT, Warinti Fernita
Abstract 41 | pdf Downloads 23

Page 20-33

The Influence of Service Quality on Consumer Behavior

Rasyid Kamase, Lita Limpo, Lisa Jolanda Catherine Polimpung, Nataniel Papalangi
Abstract 74 | pdf Downloads 76

Page 34-48

Importance of Social Health Entrepreneurship in Society 5.0

Ferdi Sampe, William Wuna, Nur Juliana, Sarumi Kasada
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 49 - 61

Stimulating Factors Influence on Impulse Buying Decision Making

Jie Lydia Irawan, Uli Urbanus Bubun, Bartholomeus Tandiayu
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 62 - 76

Analysis of the influence of Discipline on Increasing Employee performance at Bank XYZ, Makassar

Ferdi Sampe, Hendrikus Kadang, Wihalminus Sombolayuk, Daniel Pakiding
Abstract 18 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 77 - 88

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