Importance of Social Health Entrepreneurship in Society 5.0

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Ferdi Sampe
William Wuna
Nur Juliana
Sarumi Kasada


entrepreneurship, health, service, society 5.0.


The aim of the study was to explore the importance of health entrepreneurship in an interconnected society, society 5.0. Data collected using qualitative approach. Relevant literatures were explored and related ideas on health entrepreneurship and society 5.0 were identified. The finding reveals the importance of health entrepreneurship in interconnected individuals and business as well as societies. Personalized Medicine and Genomics, Digital Health Platforms and Interoperability, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Value-Based Care and Population Health Management are four main developments in health industry will be applied in society 5.0.  The health service developments will provide better service in society 5.0. It is suggested that all society all societies member to cope with the changes as it will make human being life more enjoyable and happy.     

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